We stand with every victim and survivor, dedicated to seeking and speaking the truth. There can be no bystanders in state abuse.

Over 15 years ago, Ensaaf embarked on a journey to identify and capture every testimony of disappearance and unlawful killing in Punjab from the Decade of Disappearances. The initiative aimed to counter state denials, expose the widespread and systematic extent of the abuses, erode the moral authority of perpetrators, and bring to light the application of repressive laws in India.

That work feeds our data visualization site Mapping Crimes Against Humanity in Punjab. We still have much more information to prepare and share, from information on officials who perpetrated the killings, to detailed summaries of each case. Our forthcoming oral history video archive, Testimonies of Truth, is the latest development in this unprecedented undertaking.

Throughout the past decade, our work has been steady and unwavering as the world around us suffered other wars, polarizing presidents, and a global pandemic, among other crises.

We could not have done this without you. We ask you to continue to support us, so that we can ensure each story is honored and shared.

Survey worker with paperwork in hands

Testimonies of Truth: A Video Archive will serve as a permanent, powerful, interactive tool to educate the global community, complementing Ensaaf’s data site on Crimes Against Humanity.

Help bring their voices to the entire world!