A few years after Indian security forces unlawfully killed Palwinder Kaur’s husband Sarbjit Singh in 1991, they abducted, illegally detained, and tortured her. They waterboarded Palwinder Kaur and forced her to sign blank pieces of paper. But in sharing her experiences with Ensaaf, it was her young son’s desperation to find his father that made her tear up, not her own ordeal of torture.

Palwinder Kaur, wife of Sarbjit Singh
Palwinder Kaur, wife of Sarbjit Singh

In the years after her husband’s murder, Indian security forces tortured her, abducted her son, destroyed their belongings, and intimidated family members. Listen to Palwinder Kaur recount her experiences, describe the feeling of isolation from community, and call out for justice.

Palwinder Kaur’s testimony is preserved on Ensaaf’s video archive site Testimonies of Truth. This human rights video archive will grow to be the first and largest repository of video testimonials from surviving families of the “Decade of Disappearances.” Testimonies of Truth: A Video Archive will serve as a permanent, powerful, interactive tool to educate the global community, complementing Ensaaf’s data site on Crimes Against Humanity

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