Every day for the past year, Ensaaf has been sharing the profile of a person who was disappeared or unlawfully killed by India’s security forces in Punjab on the anniversary of the incident. From young children, to the elderly, these crimes against humanity impacted countless families and communities, the consequences of which still reverberate today.

Tragically, given the immense number of cases we’ve documented, we’ll be able to continue sharing new victim profiles every day for over a decade. Because the government continues to deny and justify its crimes, it becomes even more critical that, as a community, we develop a collective response to acknowledge those who were victims of gross human rights violations.

Often, after we’ve posted a profile, family members reach out to us to express how meaningful it is for them to see their loved one’s memory and experiences publicly acknowledged. As one brother wrote, “[It’s] 26 years today without you veer. Memories refuse to fade away.”

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