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Ensaaf is a nonprofit organization working to end impunity and achieve justice for crimes against humanity in India, with a special focus on Punjab.


We work tirelessly to help survivors get justice.

Ensaaf means justice in many South Asian languages. Ensaaf works to end impunity and achieve justice for crimes against humanity in India, with a special focus on Punjab, by documenting abuses, bringing perpetrators to justice, and organizing survivors to advocate for their rights.

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Virtual Site of Conscience Project

For three decades, the architects of crimes against humanity in Punjab have escaped accountability and justice. While families have searched for their disappeared loved ones and lived with lies and partial-truths, the government of India has rewarded and promoted the perpetrators. We believe that survivors of gross human rights violations cannot live as free and respected citizens of a country until impunity ends.

As part of its Virtual Site of Conscience, Ensaaf will create visualizations that will promote accountability and support prosecutions for crimes against humanity in Punjab. The visualizations will identify the commanding officials, as well as the number of individuals unlawfully killed and enforceably disappeared by them and their subordinates.

The Last Killing

An original, award-winning documentary that chronicles Punjab Police whistleblower Satwant Singh Manak’s fight for justice for the families of ten victims of unlawful killings.

A Light of Justice: Commemorating Human Rights Defender Jaswant Singh Khalra

This 30-minute film contains interviews with Khalra’s family, as well as archival footage of Khalra when he was investigating secret cremations and disappearances in Punjab.

Seeking Ensaaf

Seeking Ensaaf follows Ensaaf field researchers as they document a case of extrajudicial killing in Punjab.

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Learn more about the issues through our original photo essays.

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  • Ensaaf’s courageous work gives a voice to the disappeared and killed in Punjab, and proves that a few dedicated individuals can challenge powerful forces of impunity and hold them to account.
    Brad Adams, Asia Director at Human Rights Watch
  • Ensaaf is doing today in Punjab, what others had given up: bringing hope to victims and challenging perpetrators through critical legal inputs.
    R.S. Bains, Punjab human rights attorney
  • The impunity gap in India is nowhere more evident than in Punjab.
    Ensaaf & Human Rights Watch
  • We simply want justice and we want those people to be punished.
    Father of victim of unlawful killing