Ensaaf is a nonprofit organization working to end impunity and achieve justice for crimes against humanity in India, with a special focus on Punjab, by documenting abuses, bringing perpetrators to justice, and organizing survivors.

Ensaaf means justice in many South Asian languages. Ensaaf has established an international reputation for innovative and effective advocacy, working with India's preeminent human rights attorneys and the world's foremost human rights organizations.

Theory of Change

Ensaaf employs four integrated programs to implement its mission. These strategies together achieve a greater impact than any single strategy. Documentation is the keystone program that fuels the other programs. The documentation program will produce significant quantitative and qualitative data on widespread and systematic human rights violations, forming the basis for litigation, as well as reports, data visualizations, and multimedia materials used in advocacy. Thus, the combined strategies of creating an undeniable record of gross human rights violations, litigating to bring perpetrators to account, building international consensus and pressure on India’s human rights record, and directly engaging the public, will erode impunity in India and provide human rights victims and survivors with effective remedies.