Kuljit Singh Dhatt

On the 25th anniversary of Kuljit Singh Dhatt’s custodial killing by the Punjab Police, Ensaaf presented A Labor of Love: Contesting Impunity, a multimedia tribute to the strength and resilience of one family and how they fought impunity for 25 years.

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A Witness Among the Bodies: Surviving Bluestar

On the 30th anniversary, Ensaaf presented an eyewitness account of the Indian Army assault on the Harmandir Sahib Complex in Amritsar, Punjab, from June 1 to June 6, 1984. This account is coupled with archival footage from the inside of the complex, filmed during the first week of June by the Associated Press.

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The Last Killing

On May 23, 2014, Ensaaf released online The Last Killing, an original award-winning documentary that chronicles police whistleblower Satwant Singh Manak’s long struggle for justice for the survivors of ten victims of unlawful killings.

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25th Anniversary of November 1984 Pogroms

On November 2, Ensaaf launched an ad campaign in the San Francisco Bay Area's metro system, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the November 1984 pogroms of Sikhs in India. On the same day, the Mercury News also published Ensaaf's op-ed discussing the anniversary of the pogroms and its continuing impact on Sikhs. Earlier in the week, TIME magazine published an article on November 1984, featuring quotes from Ensaaf's Co-Director. That article reached #1 on TIME's Most Emailed list.

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Ensaaf's multimedia platform brings together Ensaaf videos and photo essays. The videos draw from raw footage shot during the period of abuses, as well as contemporary interviews with survivors.

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We document abuses to counter official denials and build evidence for accountability, conducting innovative projects and producing groundbreaking reports.

Legal Advocacy

We engage in strategic litigation to hold perpetrators accountable and set national precedents on human rights norms.

United Nations Advocacy

We alert the United Nations to critical human rights issues about the situation of impunity in Punjab, as well as specific cases.